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take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >>shepard: were wrapping up the week, the dow is right at the highs of the day now opening up high on news that the unemployment rate dropped so much and they realized, well, the news was mixed but up 80 something. we will take it. >>neil: no guts negotiation glory. these guys showing plenty of guts racing to the moon but not these guys as they race this country right off a cliff. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. at 40 years, can you believe it has been 40 years, 40 years, 40 years since this rocket soared into space.
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>> ten, nine, eight, seven, all engines are started, we have ignition, four, three, two, one, zero. we have lit off. it is lighting up the sky. >>neil: apollo 17 was on the way to the noon 40 years ago carried the men who would be the last human beings to walk on the moon, 40 years after we conquered the stars, why open earth can we just grow on a damn budget? i cannot plain washington, dc. i can explain, now, the folks would make them look very small, the heroes, actually, who brought us to the moon and did the impossible, remember now, 40 years after that last mission to the moon surface that anything is possible. i don't want to give away our sunday night "fly me to the moon" special but i want to give you a teaser, what made them so
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special. >> we are not thinking about what goes wrong, worry is a wasted emotion. it clouds clear thinking that is absolutely needed when something is wrong. >> i didn't have guts i knew what i was doing. i didn't go to the moon not to come back. >>neil: did you think you might die? >> we thought our chances were about 10 percent. >>neil: did you hear that? 10 percent. one out of ten chance of coming out that disaster alive. that was then. this is now. amazing. folks in washington, dc, could take a cue from these guys. to our market watcher. i don't see that bravery today. but it is what it is. >>guest: it is nowhere to be found. maybe the chance of that 40 years ago is 10 percent and the chance of the fiscal cliff and higher taxes killing the economy
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is probably 50 percent and, yes, you are right, we are still not fixing the problem or coming to a solution. one thing, remember, when we had the problem with the debt downgrade and the different talks a year ago? there were the scare tactics from washington about what would happen to interest rates, and what would happen to social security, and interest rates went down, people got their checks and everything was fine. >>neil: i am reminded of the words of the apollo 13 command other, can you not fake the magnitude of a disaster but washington can paper over a problem with cuts that are not real, and revenues that may not be what they appear to be, so, the fear is the same, it is presenting something that ultimately markets will not buy and people will not trust. >>guest: that is right. and, also, put in the notion it has to be done in the next three
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weeks or else, and look what has happened with the debt numbers. the nones are absolutely out-of-control. it will be over $20 trillion here in the next couple of years and that will be the way the president and his constituents say, well, we new have to raise taxes because the debt out of the control. the debt is out of the control because you cannot stop spending, it is not a tax issue. >>neil: but if you think of this and i go back to the space special and looking back 40 years, but it hamstrings you. if we had the debt we do now john f. kennedy could not have envisioned putting a man on the moon, so it limits vision, it limits possibilities, it limits everything. >>guest: it hurts companies. it hurts investors. it makes people go back if their shell and not spend money which is close to extent percent of the u.s. economy. you look at consumer confidence numbers from the university
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michigan and everyone is worried about the future because of the scare tactics that are coming from washington. >>neil: amazing. thank you very were. a footnote on the 40th anniversary, more than half of americans alive today were not even born at that time. on the 40th anniversary of the apollo launch the last guy to washington on the moon is talking to us. >> america's challenge of today, forging man's destiny, up a pile. >>neil: you look at the moon. you were the last human being to touch that surface. how does that make you feel? >>guest: humble. i don't look at the moon and
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say, what a great guy you are, i do it when you ask. >> we live. we came. god willing, we will return. this is for all mankind. godspeed, the crew of apollo 17. >> i am convinced the pace program will come back. >> the country needs something to look forward to, to be proud of. what can we do in 10,000 years? i grandmother in a farm in michigan had a ring telephone negotiation electricity, an outhours and she watched the first guy walk on the moon in her lifetime the i would like to see the next generation see footprints like we left i hope
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that happens. >>neil: in 16 years at follow, i don't think i have worked on a project i enjoyed more, or worked hearter on but the whole team behind unprecedented access to footage and interviews and material you have never seen on tv, provided to us, we had to built their trust and let them know we cared. we had to let them know their legacy is real and meaningful and they are heroes. they don't welcome everyone in. they welcome us in. maybe because they realize we thought they were out of this world. so i urge you, at the risk of overhawking this, take director kids, your grandkids, anyone you live and sit down on sunday night on fox news at 9:00 and watch this and remember when we
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conquered the world and we conquered the stars because we said nothing was impossible. and i want you to go back and remember what you hearing a lot of cans and nut's today, and back then, we don't know the meaning of the term. enjoy. process. lend. i help you like it. i think you will. for 40 years after that triumph up there concerns that we are still looking at the same mess here, politicians pointing fingers and a huge hit loom will with in progress on the cliff climber but a democratic congressman has details on how to settle it. good do have you, congressman. >>guest: that was a great government program that john f. kennedy launched from rice university in 1961, said we are going to the moon. >>neil: but there have been so many that have never come close
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to emulating the success. we have chatted about this, things government can do right and those it can't, those involving detroit directors working in concert for the same cause and those that do not, and i guess we could respectfully disagree as to whether nasa works and so many others have not, my fear, though, we would not have had the same liberty then if we were dealing with the same debt we were today and, yet, you are now compounding it by arguing for more spending. >> the whole discussion around the fiscal cliff is a stimulus program, rather stimulus by further tax cut but a 98 percent or for 100 percent, whether stimulus by extending the payroll --. >>neil: where is the stimulus in extending rates that are already there. >>guest: why, why, why are economists saying we could have a recession without dealing with the cliff live?
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by taking so much money out of the market by people who would be spending it or by cutting government spending, either by too large an increase in taxes or by too large a cut in government spending, they are saying that would reverse the economic recovery. the whole package was packaged. >>neil: let me ask where we stand now. i wanted to cut to the chase, and whether you think a deal will be done and what it will look like. >>guest: we will do a deal and we will do a deal that week between christmas and new years, so, i have made a proposal today that i hope can resolve the question of the debt ceiling. when congress authorizes appropriations bills we should authorize at that point whatever spending is necessary. if we are going to order from the menu we have to pay the bill but we don't have to give the president a blank choke.
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-- blank check. it has been appropriated by the congress and it should be an incremental increase in the debt limit when the congress decides to spend money --. >>neil: republican or democratic president, you don't think that with be equally abused? in other words if you get the whole debt ceiling issue out of the equation you are not giving any president a license to spend and any congress is complicity in that spending? >>guest: well, they wrote the constitution here in philadelphia, article ii, only the congress can spend money. this complaint that the president is spending money, theology money that the president can spend is the money we appropriate. so i am saying, when we move an appropriationsibility, let us acknowledge in that bill that rather than taxes or through barring we are authorizing the president to do what is necessary versus having two
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bites of the apple. >>neil: you are spending together, but you do not seem to be alarmed by the debt. >>guest: well, we live in the wealth of the country not world and there is no country that would not trade or debt. >>neil: you are not worried? >>guest: i have offered a bill to pay it off. we should deal with the question of debt limit. as the congress sits down and orders the meal, we should agree we will pay for it at the same time. compared to having that debate a later point. >>neil: congressmans always good to have you. >>guest: i will watch that special. >>neil: it is good stuff. >>guest: i will take you down to the ability one day to see our great people at work. >>neil: there are good people in the business. always good to see you. the sanity victims dig out and fema workers are saying let's go
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it's an upgrade to yourself.
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>>neil: fema teams are brushing off workers would rush to help people devastated by the storm. then we pick up that story. >>guest: one team of fema first responders deployed during super storm sandy were told to hurry up and wait. a worker said emergency personnel were rushed to for the dix and their liaison did not know they were coming and the staging area had nothing for them to do for four days. they asked for assignments and they were told to go do walmart or check out non-damaged area. a november 3 e-mail shows an administrator in washington urged the regional team to get his people into the field after he learn they were doing nothing. fema official acknowledges there remain delays in getting
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responders out in the field but says time was mostly spent overcoming logistics and the responders he dealt with were well prepared but the worker says teams were unprepared and fema wasted a lost precious time and efforts were much better run during katrina describing similar observations many local residents and elected leaders are saying the agency isn't prepared to respond to disasters particularly in urban areas. at the least, the congressman hopes hurricane sandy is a major wake-up call. >>neil: you putting in a long day. >>guest: hour 13 and counting. >>neil: thank you. billions in aid is requested to help with the hurricane sandy and a big chunk of that will get doled out by fema but my next guest should they get rid of the middleman and get the money directly to the victims. my guest survived san difficult but his home did not.
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how is it now? >>guest: we are rebuilding, starting to rebuild. i have flood insurance. people this is flood insurance are worse off. if you lost your house, you have a cap and everything that you heard from the reporter, the stalling and the delay and they didn't know how to approach the situation, because there are three million people involved, or, maybe more, from jersey all the way to long island, you had maybe eight million that could be affected and in katrina it was only 300,000 affected. how could you put a cap of 31, 31,$31,900? how do you give $31,900 in how do you calculate that? >>neil: did they tell you how
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they calculated that? >>guest: no, no, no. i'm not we able to talk to any official in fema i am only talking to the representatives that come. >>neil: so, if you had private flood insurance that means fema doesn't deal with you. so you in a way wait longer. >>guest: yes. but family holds the flood insurance and they control the national flood, what do you call it, the flood insurance program, the national flood insurance program, and fema runs it. anyone who gets their insurance from travelers or from all- all-state, it goes to fema. they are like an agent for fema. fema holds the insurance, so, when you have flood insurance you have to put bills in that you and fema know the flood insurance will deny, a lot stuff is not covered under flood insurance so you have to wait in this whole process. i only just now got an advance check, six weeks, from my flood
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insurance and that is only for machine i already put up for the clean up, for my new surface and all that stuff, now, i have to use that money again. all right? and i have to wait to money again from my flood insurance. which the investigation will not be over for another two months. then, if i need more money, i have to appeal to the small business association, the sba loans or family. i understand there is money from the state, $10,000, a grant for everyone, but i would rather go that route if i only need an extra $10,000, i don't want to go through the red david petraeus and bill you have to go through with fema especially with flood, it is terrible. terrible. terrible. i paid $25,000 in the last eight years in flood insurance premiums and i am sitting here waiting, waiting. you think you did the right thing. it is a terrible situation. the lower half of my neighbor,
1:21 pm
everyone in my neighborhood lost their grove. everyone. and no one still knows to this day from three or four weeks ago what will happen. will the neighborhood be condemned? can you rebuild? no one knows. if they get permission to rebuild, what happens three months later? someone comes back from fema or the government and says, listen, we are condemning the whole block? there are so many questions that are still unanswered. and it is tell. obama said he would cut the red tape and there hasn't been any red tape cut. any. fema is getting more money from the government if they are getting month money from the government they should write the checks out. >>neil: we will watch it closely. thank you. . you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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>>neil: to michigan, protesters not stopping republicans from approving right-to-work legislation that stopped you from forcing non-union workers to pay dues and could become law by next wednesday with my next guest's signature. does business ring a bell? this is the governor of michigan. >> we will get it done. it is important because it is about being pro worker, we have hard people, hard work people in union and they should be able to decide whether to join a union or not. it is not about employers or collective bargain. people should have the opportunity to say they want to belong or not. second, this can be good for economic development for more and better jobs coming to michigan. we have watched what has gone on in indiana with more companies look at indiana citing this as a fact they did it back in february and they can have
1:26 pm
thousands more jobs saved because they became a right-to-work state. >> the unions say you are presenting a row january -- a trojan horse and you are out to destroy the unions like scott walker in wisconsin, they say, about the dismantling of unions. >>guest: not at all. unions in michigan, they done a lot of great things. we are the center of the labor movement going back the last century. in the 20's and 30's and 40's they helped with working conditions, and wages and people chose to join a union. >>neil: what does this legislation do? it doesn't compel you not to be if a union but gives you the choice. >>guest: people used to choose to join a union and no i don't believe it is appropriate to say just to keep your job you have to pay dues and be a member. so, this creates an environment where people can say, they are choosing to join a union because the unions put a value proposition to make it
1:27 pm
worthwhile and if they are not providing value someone should be forced to choose so i view this as pro worker legislation. >>neil: governor, this woman's remarks went viral soon after she said them, a council woman in detroit talking about the post obama election envice president, i am sure you are familiar, but if you are not, please respond to this. >> after the election of jimmy carter, we had young and he went to washington, dc and he came back home with some bacon. young did. that is what you do. that is what you do. our people in an overwhelmingly matter supported the re-election of this president and there ought be to a quid pro quo and we ought to exercise leadership on that. not just that, but why not?
1:28 pm
>>neil: what do you thing 1/2? >>guest: it is unfortunate. that is one council woman's comments. a challenge in detroit the city council and the mayor have not been on the same page. they are running out of time. they have been in a financial crisis if a long-term and it is an emergency. i am asking, actually, for a review to go in and spend 30 days starting next week to say, what is the situation on the ground and get things done or we have to look at other options. >>neil: her comments highlight what has been an attitude by unions and others to seize the moment and the initiatives and say president obama, we helped bring you this election and there is much to be said. they brought out the vote. the passion vote forment mit, the passion never turned out for the republicans but it did on the democratic side and they
1:29 pm
want a reward. what do you think of that? >>guest: i would not overread. that is one council woman's comments. >>neil: i am talking about the unions who seized on this and put out an ad of don't touch entitlements. it is not just this council woman, of those who were key backers of the president, the democrats in general, say, look, we got you over the finish line, do not forget us. >>guest: you can look at this, you talk about giving workers the freedom to choose, shouldn't we all be behind that? so it is something where people should not be in a position to be forced to send dues because they told to in order to keep the job so that is why the there session important to get done and that is why i think it is important to get forward. news is that they say they will
1:30 pm
recall you, governor? >>guest: that comes with the territory. whatever i can do to create more and better jobs, we had tremendous progress. we are the come back state. we were 50th out of 50 for were of the last decade and we have the sixth fastest state last year with the unemployment improved and we have created 140,000 jobs since being governor and well continue that trend. there are a lot of great things going on in michigan and there is another element of reinventing our state. it is exciting. >>neil: governor, thank you very much. we reached out do unions to little avail and i said it, but, are americans getting it with 24 days to go, the mainstream media , are they calling the shots on the fiscal cliff? [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking. call your doctor rht away if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious sideeffects. ♪ is your cholesterol at goal? alk to your doctor aut crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >>neil: you do not have to be on the last or the right to see it is the right taking the heat for the budget impasse. >> some republicans worried about not 1992 but 1994 when the government shut down and gingrich was blamed. >> 53 percent would blame republicans if we go over the cliff. only 29 percent would blame the president. >> if you cannot get over you go over the fiscal cliff and taxes
1:35 pm
go up for everyone. >> if there is in deal do you blame the republicans for ruining christmas? >>governor huckabee: the grinch that stole christmas they are called republicans. the media will spend this as the republicans will not come to the table but the republicans came to the table. they brought out $800 billion of taxes. what did they get in nothing. they got balloon juice because the democrats said here is the deal. we will thing about some cuts. we are not sure when or how much or where but we will get back to you. you go lady and raise the taxes. people if the republican party can tut go for that although they will get blamed for the disaster and the train wreck this is coming. >>neil: i tell people to look at coverage and say, did you wonder why republicans are obstinate wanting to hike taxes more, but, democrats are not
1:36 pm
when they don't want to cut spending? i say you go with the republicans on the tax thing it should be more and should be raised or should be this, fine, then apply the same standard to democrats when it comes to spend cuts. >>guest: one thing the republicans need to do a boater job of is be specific about what they offered and specific about what the democrats have not offered. the other thing i don't think they have yet communicated is that what will this do? president obama has made this such a point of the campaign and now the presidency, that we have to go after the 2 percent. the question is nut to answer him with an answer but 18 it with a question. what will that gain us? can we run the government for eight days? that is not going to help. >>neil: you are talking the money you get a year. >>governor huckabee: exactly. it does not make much
1:37 pm
difference. if it doesn't help the government, does it help poor people? will you help the people at bottom? actually, no. will you hurt the people at the top? no, you may hurt the people in the middle because they are working for the people at the top. if they don't have the money to make the salaries and the paychecks they let them go. >>neil: disavow me of this cynical you have, you have been a popular governor and i think when you nearby eight with your state budget behind-the-scenes progress is being made and in front of the cameras and people like me, it is all theater but behind the scenes tough is getting done. >>governor huckabee: when you are really negotiating you don't talk to the cameras because you don't want to negotiation on the pages of the paper. when you are in the middle of negotiation the dumbest thing to do, and why mean to be overly
1:38 pm
critical but the president has not been the chief executive. he has to call the meeting. >>neil: they have both been run the mike folks. >>governor huckabee: but speaker boehner is waiting on the meeting. all weeks the president should have stayed, mr. per officer -- mr. speaker boehner i need to speak with you at the white house and you never turn down that meeting. you call the meeting, you set the table. >>neil: but, governor, if you are seeing to back and forth --. >>guest: >>governor huckabee: it is not good because then you walk in the room and all that sense is there. if you are negotiating to the front page of the "washington post", it is not going well. >>neil: very interesting. i learn something every time with you. thank you are have much, governor. and his hit show is this weekend not as much as "fly me to the noon" special on sunday but
1:39 pm
okay. a company is ready to fly you to the noon. quite literally. but you better start saving because the p is out of this world. dry mouth may start off as an irritant. it'll cause cavities, bad breath. patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products like the oral rinse...the sprays have enzymes in them. the whole formulation just works very well. it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. if i'm happy with the results and my patients are happy with the results, i don't need to look any farther.
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>>neil: why spend holidays with the inlaws when you can spend they will on the moon. it is not cheap, though. douglas? >>guest: the roth called "golden spike" after the spike that connected the trans continental railroad, former nasa managers will send back to the moon in a decade on a commercial spacecraft. >> our vision is to create a reliable and affordable u.s.-based commercial we human transportation system that enables the some aration of men
1:43 pm
of the moon by humans from virtually any nation. or any corporation. or any individual. >> from many anythings, scientists know the we moon is rich for tapping. >> the moon's stores of resources range from water to platinum and other exotic elements of economic value and are there if huge quantities. >> helium which does not exist sufficiently on earth is plentiful on earth and be returned for nuclear fusion which lebanons little radioactive waste and they will adapt capsules in development. annex astronaut says the big heard early is finding the investors. >> everyone will want proof that it will work and it will not be a disaster. because this is the commercial venture, the entire process
1:44 pm
would be marketed so, who knows, the next man on the moon could be wearing a nike sign on a space suit or maybe a nascar we flag. >>neil: doesn't get better than that, doug. >> this is not possible in fought if the first pioneers, the hero whose got the space program up and running. hard to imagine but 40 years since we were there. >> ever attempted to leave him there? >> of course. lots of time. >> they better not be fighting. >> they had to be good to me. absolutely. >>neil: what did you do? >> i was throw days by mile in orbit, the greatest time of flight, that was wonderful. i was a trained fight are pilot in the air force. i flew airplanes by myself. i did not like to have passengers with me because i didn't want to be responsible for someone else in case
1:45 pm
something went wrong so i was comfortable by myself. >>neil: the spacewalk, you had to do it to retrieve the film which was in the module. >>guest: right. >>neil: did it strike you as different than any other spacewalk? when the earth is right there below you, it shouldn't -- should be comforting but you are closer to the moon. >>guest: there is a little difference. if you are in earth's orbit you moving going around the earth at 17,000 miles per hour and you can see the earth move. you get this feeling of motion around the earth. when you are between them there is no motion it is fixed. it was spooky when you realized i could town my head and i could
1:46 pm
see the earth and the moon at the same time, like being in the room with all lights turned off but you see two objects out there and you have no sense of space or time or anything, you get lost in all of that. >>neil: potentially risky part of the flight? >>guest: it could have been. i trained too well because i did it faster than i should have. when i was done i got back in and i said i want to stay out here, and, no, no, no, you are down. i could have stayed out there for quite a long-term. >>neil: one of the many heroes i get a chance to speak with unprecedented access on sunday night at 9:00 p.m. on fox news. >> did you hear that? the red phone. washington is calling your financial fix, the super hero.
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n. walmart. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99.
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>> raises taxes will not help our economy. i came out to put revenue on the table to try to resolve this. when will the president take a step toward us? >> the president has given republicans flexibility to come up with a credible and specific plan. what they offered in return was an e letter. lack in specifics. >>neil: blah, blah, blah. anything but super behavior from washington, dc. both sides continuing the same finger pointing on capitol hill over a cliff that keeps getting closer. i did my best to stop the nonsense yesterday.
1:51 pm
i offered a seven-point plan to bring us back from the brink. but more than a few of you fixated on the image of me in a super hero costume. "neil i love the look of your super hero costume, when did spanx start make them." and another "you said the animation was built to scale, to what, mount rushmore." what bugs me it is not what i do but guys like you are saved. and another "cool ideas, cool outfit, i'm in, but not is feel." and arrest fold from atlanta "your opening rant was hilarious i was too busy laughing to catch the wisdom too bad you are in government because the common sense our country could use a good dose of humor." i provide a lot to laugh at.
1:52 pm
thank you very much. and from florida, i don't know who has the most ego, neil cavuto or o'reilly so i change the channel. tell me you changed it when bell -- bill came on. >> can you put that online so i can share it with many thousands through all social media? yes, my message is featured on fox news site for you and the world to enjoy, ollie. i never her better from others, your interrupting is the super per without, your interview we are speaking the truth and make senses somehow. >> they do. >> james, you are super, but if you give the democrats the great clinton tax rates you have to get the spending rate to g.d.p. at the same time. >> you are right. we will see. >> ruth from tell. >> i am in agreement with the fiscal cliff, you are my hero.
1:53 pm
we. >> robert, e-mail, perfect solution, again you nailed it, neil. >> jay from arizona, to the super hero i am glad someone is coming to the aid of the country. if you want do be a super hero you may want to turn your tall ends to educate the people on economics of country. >> that is what i do as a mortal on this follow show and on fox business network each day, jay every day, without a super her overoutfit. >> and i often watch with my dad and i think you are funny but i wonder, was he an odd kid? you seem like you would have done some odd things? >> well, if you call always worrying about the planet trying to say that the odds, well, guilty. >> kathy from hotmail, i love you, not in a romantic we because you saw it as it is. why not run for budget?
1:54 pm
i was too busy being a super hero, leaving mere mortals to lead. >> from north carolina, thanks for chewing out congress, and i am thinking of watching "lincoln" rather than fixing the economic problems. any in the of harry reid getting a waiver so senators can bring food to a private we screening of "lincoln" in the auditorium. and the fact that harry reid and other senators are voting on such foolishness and they will not pass a budget and congress voting on the word "lunatic" what the hell is happening to us i shudder to think. >> since when did a movie become so important that we put our budget and taxes on the back buncher so we can pass a motion to allow food in a theater? harry reid wants food in the chamber so they can eat when they fish fish.
1:55 pm
>> lincoln" wrote owe without food is great, it could teach them something about backbone. that is a very good point, i didn't think of that. >> but not as good as this e-mail of the week. one more time with the animation, please. yes, mail of the week >> relax, ladies there is enough of me to go around here. calm down. calm down. i will get serious e-mails on that, you know. >> anyway, i kid a lot about being a super hero. not really. but, some of you may think i may
1:56 pm
not but these guys are the heroes behind the nation's space program, sunday night at 9:00 p.m., you are going to get a never-before-seen front row seat to look at all of them. >> the crew of apollo 13. >> 56 hours in the flight they finished a broadcast showing how comfortably they lived and worked in weightlessness. >> nine minutes later, oxygen number turning blew up causing the number one tank to fail. >> houston, we have a problem. words that would be forever linked to the commander. >> when the explosion occurred i thought, why me? why not on apollo 12 or apollo 14 and i could thought believe
1:57 pm
what was happening and suddenly i said, well, it is me and it is now, so, what's next? >> what's next is amazing. and scary. 9:00 p.m., fox news. remember when we did heroic things at a time? one of greatest projects and most fun projects i have ever done on this wonderful network, you will watch and just be proud. see you then. uh... um... hm... umm... uh... oh ! the windows phone 8x by htc on verizon. it features easy to navigate live tiles that are simple to customize. just pin what matters most right to your homescreen. exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of you plan. only on verizon.
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